Live your own life


“Live your own life” – no idea who said that first!

Thank you for taking the time to read this first post of my new blog. My name is Gillian and I am an artist, curator and social history nerd. The above quote, and I assume it is a real quote although I have no idea who may have said it first, sums up what this blog is all about living my own life. The modern world puts us under so much pressure to fill our lives with ‘stuff’, buckets lists of places to go, things to do, food to eat and so on. It has even become a ‘thing’ to have a huge map of the world in your home with flag pins stuck in to show off to your friends how many place you have visited, as if this makes you a better or more superior person in some way.

I am an advocate of the global Slow movement, I think we all need to slow down and put more thought into what we do, and to care more about how our actions affect other people and the world around us. This blog will be a sort of shared ‘personal’ journal of my thoughts and ideas on a variety of mainly art and heritage related subjects and places and from which together we might stumble across something awesome that we didn’t about know before.

The image at the start of this post is the Atlas fountain in the grounds of Castle Howard in North Yorkshire. It was commissioned by the 7th Earl in 1850 from the landscape gardener William Andrews Nesfield. The gods surrounding the central figure of Atlas were carved by the sculptor John Thomas of London and were transported to Castle Howard by railway, something that not so many years earlier would have been impossible.